Diagnosing Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies are hard for many people to have to deal with – but it is possible for people to confuse the symptoms that they cause with the common cold. One of the best ways to know the difference is to determine when the symptoms start up. In most cases with seasonal allergies people will begin to feel them when they step outside their door.

But for some people this is not so simple for them and they need to be diagnosed by their doctor to make sure that they are not suffering from something else entirely. These people are used to purchasing over the counter medications for allergies – but discover quickly that they are not strong enough to put a stop to all of the symptoms.

The best thing that they are able to do is to visit a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating people with a variety of different allergies. This allergist will need to study the history of your family and determine if it is something that is genetic. In children it is difficult to separate the symptoms of allergies from the common cold.

When this happens they will look to see how long the symptoms have lasted and whether or not they have been exposed to any common triggers and allergens. But the allergist can look further and see things that we do not. The color of the mucous will help them to know whether or not you have allergies or a viral or bacterial infection.

A common test that they will perform on people when diagnosing seasonal allergies is a skin test. They will take a small amount of what they believe is the allergen and inject is below the surface of the skin. The skin will become irritated and turn red within twenty minutes if they are allergic to it.

The allergist might also use blood tests to look at the different components in your immune system. These immunologist will be abnormal in people with allergies. Also eosinophils will become elevated when you are having an allergic reaction.